miercuri, 30 mai 2012

Goodbye kiddow.

There's a big world out there. Bigger than prom, bigger than high school, and it won't matter if you were the prom queen or the quarterback of the football team or the biggest nerd. Find out who you are and try not to be afraid of it.

I'll Remember the laughter as we go our seperate ways, but there's so much we're learning and we can not be afraid. There's a world outside our door and nothing in our way. But if it's not what we're both looking for we'll meet again someday.

Liceul s-a terminat si asta e de bine.Ziua asta a fost absolut fantastica, eu am fost si mai narcisista decat de obicei, am ras o gramada si am facut o tona de poze.In mod sigur, cea mai fericita zi din liceu! Mi-a placut la nebunie si stateam si ma gandeam..daca as fi din nou clasa a 8-a, tot in Cosbuc as merge.

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