joi, 11 octombrie 2012

Endless round of contradictions(2)

Nu imi aduc aminte exact momentul in care l-am descoperit pe House, dar omul m-a fascinat imediat.Sezon dupa sezon l-am urmarit in disperare si l-am si inteles in mare..

Nu o sa detaliez motivul/motivele pentru care il consider pe House cel mai interesant si intrigant personaj din lume si de ce si in ce masura ma simt atasata emotional de el(da, stiu ca e doar un personaj, but still..) La fel cum nu am vrut sa raspund la facultate la intrebarea : De ce ai venit la drept?
Raspunsurile sunt personale, deci imi apartin. O sa va las, in schimb,  o parte din concluzia atestatului meu despre House.

"During the show, House has done a lot of reckless things to his patients, to his co-workers and to himself. He likes to push people into playing his games; he likes to get into people’s mind in order to mess with them. I believe this is a way of deflecting: he keeps his peers busy playing his games to make them not see things in their true colors and discover what is really wrong with him.

House believes that feelings don’t count, that what is in our hearts does not count and that the only thing that really matters is seeking the truth. Even when he got the chance to get back together with Stacy, he chose to be alone and miserable because he though that Stacy would be happier without him. I really do not believe that this decision was made out of selflessness; House has been miserable for so long and even worse, he got so used being this way, that when he had the opportunity to change something, he chose to be alone, maybe out of fear. He chose misery for nothing.

Even though I have seen all episodes from House M.D, Gregory House is still a mystery for me. This character is so complex that eight seasons were not enough to reveal all House’s secrets and mysteries.

This paper was supposed to reveal a part of Gregory House’s personality, but it is also a way for me to say goodbye to my favourite character of all times, as the show ends this season."

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